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Discover a great way to Learn the iPad

August 19, 2012

Hey Check out iPad Video Lessons to learn iPad the right way or read a short story about my mother’s experience learning the device first time. I was sitting having lunch with my parents while visiting recently and a commercial for the new iPad comes on. My mother has history of seeing a gadget on t.v. and 10 minutes later will drive to an electronics store to get it out of excitement (I like to do a little research first ;)). We talk for a bit about its features and if it could be useful for her job. Based on my experience using it I recommended it and shortly after we head on over to a local electronics dealer and purchase one. So we get home, I unpack and set it up for basic use (email, WiFi browsing etc.). Now here was the mistake: Whenever someone is first introduced to something and will need to operate it without any help, they should be walked through the process of configuring and using the item themselves duh. You can be the best teacher in the world but the best way to learn is practical experience with guidance as many will tell you.

So anyway I hand over the iPad to her later to begin getting experience with the device. For the next 3 hours I had to sit with her and explain how use email, sign into youtube, iTunes etc (This was pretty much required since Apple doesn’t provide much with regard to instructions/ guide). We got to a point where she was comfortable using it for browsing, and some other features but I could detect some fear and frustration about other things like configuring WiFi. The next day before leaving I wrote down all login information, the steps for configuring WiFi and a few other things to help guide her (and my Father) if they ran into problems. As predicted right after I get home receive a call from her about not being able to get WiFi to work. Now at this point I do my best to explain how to get it re-connected to WiFi with no success and eventually dig up customer support lines from both Apple AND their local internet service provider. We still couldn’t get it to connect. She didn’t use the iPad for over 2 months until I visited them again to get it connected. All that money they spent for it and couldn’t use. It wound up being some issue with the configuring WEP for WiFi connection.

I realize this must happen all the time for those new to tablets, handsets and other gadgets. I did some research and came across an offerer of iPad training that I would recommend for those new to using the iPad or just want to know more about navigation or utilizing features. Check out iPad Video Lessons below: